Vintage Sunglasses

Geoffrey Beene sunglasses ad-Vogue June 1977

The Bigger the Better!!! Sunglasses from the 1970s are large, light and fantastic. Some of these sunglasses do not suit some face shapes, but you can find a pair that does because they came in great shapes and sizes from fabulous designer names such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior.

The frames have wonderful simulated textures, patterns and gradient lenses as well. These are some advertisements found in Vogue in the 1970’s depicting some hot sunglasses!!!!!


Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses Ad- Vogue May 1976


Fabulous Christian Dior Sunglasses Advert- Vogue 1970s

You can find some amazing frames on the web including my shop Shuushuu by Lulu and Ebay. Some of the things to look for when considering buying vintage sunglasses are the condition of the lenses. Are they scratched? Do they have any peeling (meaning the film is coming off or has holes)? Are they Arms chewed (it is a bad habit but some people do chew on the arms of their frames)? Do they have any white film on the nose or arms behind the ears (although this can be cleaned with a little elbow grease, it may be a question to ask the seller)? Featured in Shuushuu by Lulu:

Courreges White Pearl 1970s Sunglasses

1960s Vintage Retro Sunglasses Marked "France"


Some collectible names to watch out for are: Ray Ban (especially wayfarers), Ted Lapidus, Emmanuelle Kahn, Oliver Goldsmith, Courreges, Pierre Cardin and Polaroid to name a few.

1970s Sunglasses Advert from Vogue

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