Cole of California Swim Wear-It’s Getting Hot!!!

A sexy post for a hot summer day! It’s 33oC outside and with the humidity rising, it’s getting hotter, and sweatier. Cole of California is an American swim wear company that produces fabulous swim suits for both in and out of the water. Their suits are sexy, functional and may produce strange tan lines.

The Company started out of a knitwear company called West Coast Manchester Knitting Mills by founder Fred Cole back in 1923. Fred Cole was an actor, at the time the family business was making long knit underwear. Fred was not interested in these boring, functional, utilitarian garments. He wanted glamour, the kind he had a taste of in Hollywood. He found Margit Felligi, who was a Costume Designer. And from 1936 to 1972, she designed some of the most creative, provocative and innovative bathing suits during her reign. She was known for her creative use of Latex, Nylon and Spandex. And in 1965 she rocked the swimsuit world with her “Scandal Suit,” a daring one-piece suit with a plunging net front.

Cole of California The Scandal Suit Designed by Margit Felligi in 1965

The Company signed Esther Williams to represent the company, 1950: and in 1951 (before she had her own line) Esther Williams was the spokeswoman for Cole swimsuits. One ad read:

“Here’s the perfect suit for real swimmers… the best I’ve ever worn. It will really do something for your form – in or out of the water.”

Cole of California Produced swim wear for Dior in 1955. They launched the Anne Cole collection in 1982, she is Fred Cole’s daughter. She also introduced the Tankini in 1997. The company is still producing swimwear, with their sister company, Anne Cole, and is designed by Anne.

I pulled some advertisements from Vogue magazines to show a progression of vintage swimwear from a highly collectible name as Cole of California. They are all sexy and cool including the slogan, “Never in the history of Mankind, has so little done so much for so many.”

White Two Piece Swim Suit in Vogue July 1944

                             Black 1 piece Swimsuit Vogue April 1973


Cole of California Beach- Leisure Cover Up Vogue Sept 1973-Model looks like Cheryl Tiegs

Cole of California Plunging Neckline Swim Suit- Vogue Nov 1973

Cole of California Vogue Nov 1975

Cole of California Vogue Nov 1976- This suit looks like a second Skin!!!!

Black Micro Polka Dot One Piece Swim Suit in Vogue June 1977

Cole of California Vogue Nov 1977- Love the print on this Swim Suit!!!!

Cole of California Vogue Nov 1981- Great texture and it’s white Ooo La La!!!!

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The Red Radio

When I think about my summer holidays, away from grade school and my school friends, I recall vivid hues of blue, orange and red. I believe this is the reason red evokes such a visceral response within me. It is the red that bleeds from the left side of my body or the red of ripe cherries. As young things we spent our summer weekends at local conservation beaches or picnicking by the lake. I have a large family of three brothers and one sister. We would spend excessive amounts of time in the water, splashing each other or chasing each other with crayfish we found under rocks.

My parents would lay the table with plastic plates and colorful napkins with fruit on them. My dad was overseer of the grill, barbequing hot dogs and hamburgers and the transistor radio blaring the tunes of the day, such as Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock n Roll to Me”. I think my collecting begins with a connection to a happy memory. Sometimes it’s like fishing, in order to find the right thing to add the many other objects.  Flipping through an old magazine, I discovered an image of a Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio, which originally sold for $12.95 each and came in Red, Blue and White. (see feature below):


Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio

I can see thing spectacular radio traveling to all kinds of places: the wind whipping it around in a boat, Hanging from a beach bag sand getting in the grooves or on a floating lounge chair, poolside bobbing along to the gentle undulating water.

It’s the dream made possible, so I bought one and I am looking forward to a great summer of fantastic possibilities. (see photo below):

My New Vintage Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio


I’m on a Mexican radio. I’m on a Mexican – whoah – radio…Wall of VooDoo 1982

Till Next Time!!!