The Red Radio

When I think about my summer holidays, away from grade school and my school friends, I recall vivid hues of blue, orange and red. I believe this is the reason red evokes such a visceral response within me. It is the red that bleeds from the left side of my body or the red of ripe cherries. As young things we spent our summer weekends at local conservation beaches or picnicking by the lake. I have a large family of three brothers and one sister. We would spend excessive amounts of time in the water, splashing each other or chasing each other with crayfish we found under rocks.

My parents would lay the table with plastic plates and colorful napkins with fruit on them. My dad was overseer of the grill, barbequing hot dogs and hamburgers and the transistor radio blaring the tunes of the day, such as Billy Joel’s “It’s Still Rock n Roll to Me”. I think my collecting begins with a connection to a happy memory. Sometimes it’s like fishing, in order to find the right thing to add the many other objects.  Flipping through an old magazine, I discovered an image of a Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio, which originally sold for $12.95 each and came in Red, Blue and White. (see feature below):


Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio

I can see thing spectacular radio traveling to all kinds of places: the wind whipping it around in a boat, Hanging from a beach bag sand getting in the grooves or on a floating lounge chair, poolside bobbing along to the gentle undulating water.

It’s the dream made possible, so I bought one and I am looking forward to a great summer of fantastic possibilities. (see photo below):

My New Vintage Panasonic Bolero Solid State Am Radio


I’m on a Mexican radio. I’m on a Mexican – whoah – radio…Wall of VooDoo 1982

Till Next Time!!!