Sandra Leichman- Fashion Illustrator

I could not find very much information on Stephen Keyes, so I tried Sandra Leichman. There wasn’t very much information on the internet about this American fashion illustrator either. Although both artists had features in Vogue magazine presented in different advertisements, there isn’t very much biographical info out there. Sandra Leichman was a staff artist for Fairchild, which also included artists like Antonio Lopez and Steven Meisel among others. There is a book called WWD Illustrated in which Sandra Leichman is featured. As well, a curator named Charles Kleibacker did an exhibition of these works for an Ohio institution back in 2008. The purpose of such an exhibition, featured some 50 garments and more than 100 illustrations, allowed it to expand on the idea of the interplay between garments and their illustrations.

Here are a few examples of Sandra Leichman’s Work as seen in Vogue:

Sandra Leichman- Fashion Illustrator Vogue Nov 1973

Sandra Leichman- Fashion Illustrator Vogue Nov 1975

Sandra Leichman- Fashion Illustrator Vogue Oct 1976

If anyone has information regarding this Fashion Illustrator, I would greatly appreciate it and I will add it to the blog post. Thank you!

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Antonio Lopez- Fashion Illustrator

Norma Kamali Feature in Vogue- November 1984. Illustrations by Antonio Lopez

These gorgeous pages of Illustrations were created by Antonio Lopez for Vogue November 1984. The article was written by Andre Leon Tally, Fashion editor at large for Vogue and seen on last years edition of America’s Next Top Model. This fun piece of work is a feature on Norma Kamali. She is described as Kooky and over the top. She names her clothing, probably best for archiving them. So if you bought a pair of Linen ankle strap wedge shoes, they are called Ra-Ra’s. Now that many designers are going video as a medium to distribute their collections, Norma Kamali was doing this in the early 80s.

Norma Kamali Feature in Vogue- November 1984. Illustrations by Antonio Lopez

She was tuned into Pop Culture and Antonio captured her collection very well amongst this six page spread. Her vibrant colors, her sporty transitions into swim wear, body wear, body suits, ect. She certainly didn’t take herself seriously. Antonio created the above picture on the right on a computer. Must have been among the first to create illustrations with this kind of technology!!! It reminds me of Matisse’s cut outs!!!!

Norma Kamali Feature in Vogue- November 1984. Illustrations by Antonio Lopez

I will be featuring some drawings by Steven Keyes in the next Blog about Fashion Illustration…at first glance there does not seem to be very much information about him. Till Next Time!!!! Lulu



Fashion Illustrator- Antonio Lopez

There are not too many Fashion Industry companies seemingly interested in using Fashion illustrators these days. When one looks through a current magazine, it is all about the photo. And what that photo captures, which goes way beyond the clothes. I have seen Nordstom’s adverts in Vogue magazines where Ruben Toledo, the husband of Fashion Designer Isabel Toledo is featured in multi-page spreads. I have also seen only his talent being used as backdrops with models featured in the foreground.

Fashion illustrator’s such as Stavrinos, Cellars, ect. Seem to be long gone from the pages of high style. The industry lost Antonio Lopez a number of years ago to Karposi Sarcoma due to AIDS on March 17 1987. But he was very well known and was featured in magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Interview (Andy Warhol). He was 44 years of age when he died.

I found an article about Mr. Lopez in an American Vogue magaine from March 1982. Five years before his death. These are some of the highlights:

“Illustrators- as vital to the fashion industry as the designers themsevles. Antonio Lopez is part of this international fashion circle…”

nspiration from a Ralph Lauren Native American Collection-Vogue March 1982

“ From the moment his drawings were published…in the early 60s Antonio has been in demand.”

Antonio Lopez seen in Vogue Sept 1983 in an advertisement for Missoni

“He has designed advertising campaign’s in the Untied States, France, japan and Australia.”

Antonio Lopez seen in Vogue Sept 1983 in an advertisement for Oscar de la Renta

“…has done illustrations for French designers such as Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe…”

A woman’s portrait and an illustration for Gianfranco Ferre Vogue march 1982

“Antonio loves girls, loves night-life, has discovered some of the most beautiful models of our time-including Jerry hall.”

At the time this article was released Antonio Lopez has a book coming out called Antonio’s Girls. Published by Thames and Hudson in 1982.

Antonio’s Girls Book Cover 1982

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George Stavrinos- Graphic Fashion Illustrator

I admit that looking at a George Stavrinos Illustration of a Gianfranco Ferre Design back in the eighties had a huge impact on my own style of Fashion Illustration. I wish I still had those drawings still. His drawings were done in pencil in an architectural constructivist style.

Stavrinos-Vogue March 1978

George Stavrinos was born in 1948, a son of Greek immigrants, who made a home in Somerville. he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1969. After a year of study abroad he began working for Pushpin Studios. He had a successful career as a fashion illustrator, creating powerful visual identities for Bergdorf Goodman and other retailers. He also art directed Hollywood films, including “Union City” (1980), and illustrated books. While primarily an illustrator, the influenced of his teachers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind at Rhode Island can certainly be seen in his photography. Stavrinos’s work is included in many specialty design collections, including the Frances Neady Collection and the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation. his drawings and illustrations soon began to appear in The New York Times, Gentleman’s Quarterly and Cosmopolitan. He did freelance work for Barney’s Clothes, Bergdorf Goodman and Push Pin Studio.

Stavrinos- Vogue April 1985

In the mid-1980’s he created a series of drawings that were used to promote the repertory of the New York City Opera. His work was exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Providence, London, Paris and Tokyo. He was 42 years old and lived in Manhattan. He died of complications of pneumonia at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan in 1990. He was a 2007 inductee into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame.

Stavrinos- Vogue November 1984

Stavrinos- Vogue September 1983

Vogue April 1983



Canadian Designer -Wayne Clark

Lately, clothing is manufactured in China. So today I am mentioning Canadian design made in Canada. Since I’m always talking about vintage, I know he used to manufacture his clothing in Canada. But competition and remaining viable in the fashion industry today warrants most clothing to be manufactured off shore. Celebrating great design and workmanship means taking a look at one of Canada’s Iconic designers, Wayne Clark. He is a Fashion designer to the stars, whom include Jane Fonda, Cindy Crawford, Rihanna, Sarah Polley and Vivica A. Fox. He has been working since the late 80s to present day, dressing wonderful women in beautiful clothes and remaining strictly Canadian. Wayne Clark was born in Drumheller, Alberta in 1949. He studied at the Alberta College of Art and graduated from the Fashion Design program at Sheridan College in Oakville, ON in 1973. A program I, myself had been enrolled in back in 1986-88. He went to London, England and apprenticed with Savile Row icon Hardy Amies for 18 months and worked as an assistant costume designer on the film The Romantic Englishwoman in 1975. Clark designed for manufacturer Aline Marelle when he returned to Toronto in 1977. He established his own woman’s wear collection in 1989, making dramatic evening gowns and well-tailored sportswear. With close to 30 years in the fashion industry, Wayne Clark has been able to create a brand that is synonymous with glamour and luxury.

In April 2008, The International Fashion Group honoured Clark with a retrospective of his Fashion through Illustration. It featured his drawings of magnificent luxury gowns. Of this process Clark states:

“Everybody always says, ‘Oh, you most love what you do.’ On the very rare day, I do. More often than not it’s just hard work. But this [the sketches] is the fun part.”

Wayne Clark Fashion Illustration

Wayne Clark has a studio located in Toronto on Carlaw Ave. You can check out current design work here:

The Classic Little Black Dress- by Wayne Clark


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Vintage Fashion Illustration

I am going to post some fashion illustrations I found in my Vogue Magazines.The most influential illustrator for me, growing up and looking at Glamour and Vogue magazines whenever i can get my hands on them was George Stavrinos. I didn’t know anything about him, but i loved to look at the architectural construction of his work.

George Stavrinos (1948-1990) was an American illustrator. Born in Somerville Massachusetts he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1969. After a year of study abroad he began working for Pushpin Studios. Below is an advert featuring Gianfranco Ferre!!!

This next illustrator I could not find any information on them on the internet. The name is RRT Sonche. He/She drew for Vogue Magazine back in the mid-40s and Illustrated some adverts such as the one below depicting a model in a Maurice Rentner, sold at Kauffmanns:

The next Illustrator is Cuca Romley. She was born in Madrid Spain and Currently resides in New York City. Her drawings were featured in ads for kimberly Fashions.The first illustration was featured in Vogue May 1970 and the second was in Vogue March 1 1971. Cuca Romley is a well known well established artist, who has completed many shows from 1955-2010.

The next illustration i do not know who drew the picture but the combination of colors was so striking,When I saw it for the first time again in over 10 years, i instantly remembered this Dior advertisement.

I have some more illustrations including the Ruben Toledo ads for Nordstrom and the illustrations for the Manolo Blahnik shoe ads (they will be added in later). Posted below:

Manolo Blahnik Vogue Sept 2006


Manolo Blahnik -Vogue Sept 2010

Unfortunately I can not find a signature on these illustrations, so i do not know who has created them unless it is the designer himself. I love the second pair. I think they would be quite stunning when realized!!!!!!!

Ruben Toledo is the husband of Fashion Designer Isabel Toledo.They married in 1984. He draws her inspirations, then they bring them to fruition. Their relationship is truly a collaboration. Born in Cuba, he now lives in New York with his wife.

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