Big Book Sale @ Shuushuu by Lulu

Back from a short holiday, are they ever long enough? Already thinking up new Ideas. I am having a big book sale to clear out some of my inventory and streamline my personal collection. I will be selling books on Alibris coming in September-October as Vintage North Books.

Some of the reasons why I am making this move are to give customers a better chance to see the books I have available, because my inventory in Vintage clothing, jewelry and accessories is growing and the store grows and things get lost among all the items.

I do have a store section of books but I list books among clothes, neckties, ect. so the book listings do not make an impact with the other thousands of items uploaded at the same time by other sellers.

I will clear out as much as I can from August to October 1 2012, then books will no longer be available in Shuushuu by Lulu, unless there is a huge demand to keep them. During this time frame many books will be re-listed In a New Store Section called BOOK 30PERC-code30TALES and when you use the coupon code 30TALES during the check out process, you will receive 30% OFF your total order. So you may see selections of books at the front of the store on its first pages. But you will be able to see my other items in their Store Sections, don’t forget to look at “My Favorites” for some real goodies.

Then I will be uploading into Alibris and you will be able to find me as Vintage North Books.

Here is a selection of some of the books being featured in the sale:

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe Illustrated in Black Block Print by Fritz Eichenberg. A Beautiful Hardcover Book with Dust jacket. (Just click on photo to shop)

A great little pocket book of Classic literature. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. (Just click on photo to shop)

SOLD! Classic Winnie the Pooh by A.A Milne and Illustrated by Ernest Shepard. It is hardcover with dust jacket. States First Color Edition (just click on photo to shop)

Many more title available!!! Thank you and Happy Shopping!!! Don’t forget to use coupon code 30TALES on book purchases only (Can not be used with any other items in store, Can not be used in together with any other coupon code, will expire September 31, 2012 Midnight Eastern Standard Time. Buyer must pay full shipping charges).

Beautiful Bound Art book with hardcover and dust jacket featuring the artwork of Chagall. (just click on photo to shop).

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Classic Literature for Children with 2 wonderful Illustrators. (Just click on Photo to shop)

I Saw Esau from late great Illustrator Maurice Sendak. This is a lovely collectible hardcover book with dust jacket. It is a First Edition First Re-Print from 1992. (just click on photo to shop)












Hope you have enjoyed this post…Till Next Time!!