Back to School: What’s New in Store

Labour Day is quickly approaching and back to school merchandise is sold by the crate loads. Books, binders, pens, Oh my!!!! What about what to wear? I remember the first day of school was really important, especially if it was a new school, even high school. Even though, I knew some of the kids moving into grade 9, who had graduated with me, I also knew I would be meeting new kids from other schools as well.

Wearing the new duds made a first impression, that spoke volumes about your personality. After my first year in high school it wasn’t so important to keep up those first impressions but more important to be unique. I see so much conformity among young people today that expressing your individuality seems to lead to separation, rather than integration. But I found friends that were like-minded, we shared the same taste in music, we liked to dress in black and shopped in vintage stores.

We were not the cool kids, but we were cool to each other. We didn’t seek to impress anyone else but each other. We bought ¾ length wool car coats, sailor caps, Parachute jackets, Balloon pants and long, ankle length skirts. We wore black sweaters that were way too big and covered from neck to knees.

We wore different colors in our hair, our earrings were long and dangled down to our clavicles and we listened to INXS, The Cure and Siouxie and the Bandshees.

I have chosen some items, which will be uploaded into my store Shuushuu by Lulu for the Autumn. Whether you wear them for school or a new job or an evening out with friends, I think you will be able to express yourself in style! (Coming Soon!!!!)

1970s White Jersey Dress in Vogue vs Diane Von Furstenberg Black Jersey Maxi Dress

This classic style dress can be worn with a contrasting belt sitting on the hips. Because of its shirt design and its length it can be worn so many different ways.

Black Floral 1970s Jersey Body Suit vs 1970s Body Suit in Vogue Magazine

The Anne Klein Black Wool Pleated Skirt, as shown in Vogue magazine September 1973

These two pieces would be fabulous worn together with a great wide belt. The skirt is a beautiful thick wool crepe designed by Anne Klein and features the Lion Head Trademark on the label.

I hope you enjoyed this blog…Till Next Time!!!



What’s New-In Store

Recently, I have expanded my Etsy store to include Men’s and Women’s clothing. Occasionally, I will feature some items in my blog, Vintage North that will correspond with Something awesome I found in an old magazine. Basically, it’s cross referencing!! So I know what I am talking about, so you know that I know what I am talking about and you will be able to share the information so you know what you are talking about to your friends!!!

As I was shifting through my Vogue magazine from Sept 1 1970 (they published two magazines a month up until the early 80s.) I was delighted to find some silhouettes that were similar to clothing I was carrying in my store. It validates (no pun intended) the era I assigned the garment to as vintage.

The first image is of a Leslie Fay Knit dress paired with a Short Sleeve knit dress labelled from Tabou Paris:

Leslie Fay vs. Tabou Paris 1970s knit dresses

I do not have a belt or tie showing on the Tabou Dress. it did not come with one, but you can accessorize this very simple silhouette in a way that makes it unique to your fashion sense.

The second outfit is from Anne Klein and Liz Claiborne. Also from the same magazine. Culottes were coming in for Spring and Autumn. They were featured in beautiful wool fabrics. In the pictures shown below both are paired with a classic white shirt:

Anne Klein vs. Liz Claiborne 1970s Culottes

The Liz Claiborne cullotes shown here are in a rich Chocolate brown corduroy!!I have paired mine with Liz Claiborne dark brown leather belt (also carried in the store on a different listing, please look in the Women’s Accessories section). The big sash is a very Spanish style. Back in the 70s culottes were worn with tall boots and lovely full capes made of wool and came in check patterns.

I hope you enjoyed this post…till next time!!!