George Stavrinos- Graphic Fashion Illustrator

I admit that looking at a George Stavrinos Illustration of a Gianfranco Ferre Design back in the eighties had a huge impact on my own style of Fashion Illustration. I wish I still had those drawings still. His drawings were done in pencil in an architectural constructivist style.

Stavrinos-Vogue March 1978

George Stavrinos was born in 1948, a son of Greek immigrants, who made a home in Somerville. he graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1969. After a year of study abroad he began working for Pushpin Studios. He had a successful career as a fashion illustrator, creating powerful visual identities for Bergdorf Goodman and other retailers. He also art directed Hollywood films, including “Union City” (1980), and illustrated books. While primarily an illustrator, the influenced of his teachers Harry Callahan and Aaron Siskind at Rhode Island can certainly be seen in his photography. Stavrinos’s work is included in many specialty design collections, including the Frances Neady Collection and the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation. his drawings and illustrations soon began to appear in The New York Times, Gentleman’s Quarterly and Cosmopolitan. He did freelance work for Barney’s Clothes, Bergdorf Goodman and Push Pin Studio.

Stavrinos- Vogue April 1985

In the mid-1980’s he created a series of drawings that were used to promote the repertory of the New York City Opera. His work was exhibited in galleries in Manhattan, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, Providence, London, Paris and Tokyo. He was 42 years old and lived in Manhattan. He died of complications of pneumonia at Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan in 1990. He was a 2007 inductee into the Society of Illustrators Hall of Fame.

Stavrinos- Vogue November 1984

Stavrinos- Vogue September 1983

Vogue April 1983



What’s New – In Store @ Shuushuu by Lulu

Escada Black Wool Pleated Skirt vs Black Pleated Skirt as seen in Vogue 1970s

Escada Black Pleated Wool Skirt from the 1980s. Made in 100% New Wool in West Germany. I paired it with a lovely secretary blouse in Gray and Black Stripes with a touch of silver (also available in the store) and a black leather Belt by Perry Ellis (also available in store). It’s a smart, chic professional look for the office. Just click on the picture and it will take you into the store.

Esprit de Corp aka Esprit Black Polyester Jersey Button Down Dress vs A white Jersey Dress in Vogue 1970.

This is a fine Black Jersey Espirt de Corp. (Esprit before they dropped the de Corp.) Dress. It has great 1970s vintage styling and a whole lot of potential. This can take you from day to night with just a change of Accessories and still be comfortable and sexy. I have shown it with a red Alexon scarf (Also available in store). Just click on the picture and it will take you into the store.

Diane Von Furstenberg Cotton Ramie Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater vs A pink Gap Cotton ramie Sweater as seen in Vogue 1980s.

The pink version of this sweater is by Gap as seen on Catherine Oxenberg in a Vogue magazine issue from the 1980s. It is a lovely color of cotton/ramie blend. I have the Diane Von Furstenberg version selling in the store. It is soft and super comfy. This gorgeous hue is a pale green like a mint julep sherbert. Just click on the picture and it will take you into the store.

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What’s New-In Store @ Shuushuu by Lulu

Two very distinctly 1970s vintage clothing pieces are being featured today!! The first is a black shimmering shirt-dress of classic styling by Caron Chicago. This lovely dress is a very light-weight polyester material. It has a great full skirt, cuffed wrists with a slight balloon effect, gathered epaulettes at eh shoulder with slight padding and concealed button down front. Just click on the picture and it will open the store window. The belt is sold separately and available in the store. Please check the Women’s VTG Accessories Section. (Yes…that is a young Rene Russo modelling for Vogue).

1970s Long Sleeve Shirt Dress in Shimmering Black by Caron Vs 1970s Short Sleeve Shirt Dress Featured in Vogue

The second fashion item is a fabulous Striped blouse with a necktie. The blouse features a fantastic necktie and futuristic chevron stripes in black, white and latte colors. It has a great wide buttoned cuff. It is made of a light-weight polyester material. Just click on the picture and it will open the store window. The other items featured in the picture are sold separately!!!

1970s Necktie Blouse vs Emanuel Ungaro Printed Necktie Blouse Featured in Vogue

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What’s New-In Store

Recently, I have expanded my Etsy store to include Men’s and Women’s clothing. Occasionally, I will feature some items in my blog, Vintage North that will correspond with Something awesome I found in an old magazine. Basically, it’s cross referencing!! So I know what I am talking about, so you know that I know what I am talking about and you will be able to share the information so you know what you are talking about to your friends!!!

As I was shifting through my Vogue magazine from Sept 1 1970 (they published two magazines a month up until the early 80s.) I was delighted to find some silhouettes that were similar to clothing I was carrying in my store. It validates (no pun intended) the era I assigned the garment to as vintage.

The first image is of a Leslie Fay Knit dress paired with a Short Sleeve knit dress labelled from Tabou Paris:

Leslie Fay vs. Tabou Paris 1970s knit dresses

I do not have a belt or tie showing on the Tabou Dress. it did not come with one, but you can accessorize this very simple silhouette in a way that makes it unique to your fashion sense.

The second outfit is from Anne Klein and Liz Claiborne. Also from the same magazine. Culottes were coming in for Spring and Autumn. They were featured in beautiful wool fabrics. In the pictures shown below both are paired with a classic white shirt:

Anne Klein vs. Liz Claiborne 1970s Culottes

The Liz Claiborne cullotes shown here are in a rich Chocolate brown corduroy!!I have paired mine with Liz Claiborne dark brown leather belt (also carried in the store on a different listing, please look in the Women’s Accessories section). The big sash is a very Spanish style. Back in the 70s culottes were worn with tall boots and lovely full capes made of wool and came in check patterns.

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