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Shuushuu by Lulu has been open two years now!!!! I have listed, wrapped and shipped over 200 packages. I am finally having a great Summer sale. Shop till your fingers drop!!!

INEEDIT16: Get 25% OFF any items in the store from Thursday, July 12, 2012 Noon EST till Sunday, Aug 12, 2012 8pm EST. Not Included are already REDUCED, SALE OR FREE SHIPPING ITEMS (There are no free shipping items for International customers in my shop). Just use the coupon code INEEDIT16 in your check out procedure. I will also give free shipping on purchases over $150USD(before taxes, Ect. And only for Canada and Continental US customers). All other Coupon Codes will be suspended during this SALE!

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I will be going on Vacation as of Monday August 13, 2012. Any times bought on the last day will be shipped in the morning of August 13, 2012 by 10am.

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Ingber & Co.

A fashion company can come and go!!! The quality of its designs will make a lasting impression if the design and quality are of the highest standards. You take pride in the Craftsmanship of your designs and feel accomplished when the design, the plan has come to fruition. This is a painstaking process sometimes, most times.

I was in one of my usual haunts, scouring for that perfect vintage item. I came across a velvet handbag with a hard-bottom, gold tone clasp and a closed bucket design with two black velvet straps. It was gorgeous! I picked it up, scrutinized it like I always do for clues of its condition. It was in very good shape. I looked inside. It had inside pockets, lined in black satin. There was a gold stamp inside, which looked like a sewing machine and read “INGBER made in the u.s.a.” I did not know what this meant, but I knew it was a fabulous purse. So I took it home with me. That moment was the beginning of my search for knowledge on vintage purses, clutches and handbags.

I have since realized Ingber bags are associated with quality and uniqueness.

Ingber & Company was founded by brothers, Issac and David Ingber in 1903. It closed in 1966. During these sixty three years, the brothers made a successful go at making handbags. One of their carpet bags was featured in the movie “Around the Wolrd in Eighty Days”, starring David Niven. Their designs were also featured in Marjorie Morningstar starring Natalie Wood. They were based in Philidelphia and had a showroom in New York City.

Ingber & Company is an example of the American Dream made real by one family’s labor and creativity. The business was successful until the 1960’s. The factories machinery was geared toward soft leather (if only they expanded into soft leather clothing). During the sixties designs were geared towards hard leather bags, such as the Kelly bag. The company closed in 1966.

Accessories from Ingber still remain on the pages of the history of fashion – this is a small legend that has become an inexhaustible source of creativity for modern designers. Their designs are highly collectible because of their beauty and quality craftsmanship.



“Morale! . . . one of the most important words in our vocabulary today. What has it to do with the handbag department ? Plenty, we say! It’s the gay novelties that lift many a spirit out of the doldrums. Handbags this season will play their part in adding color and life to even the most tailored costume.”



Ingber and Co. bags are worth collecting. You can find some very unique, cute and good condition bags on the vintage market. There are some very reasonably priced on Ebay, Etsy, ect. I will have a few designs available in my etsy store Shuushuu by Lulu coming soon!!!



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