Vintage Jewelry Ads

I don’t remember my first piece of jewelry I collected, but I do remember since I was a late teen, going into college, I had a thing for unusual rings. These rings were always sterling silver. So I have a box collection of Sterling silver rings tarnishing away because the worse part about silver is cleaning it. Your hands were covered in a thick black cream. I am sure, I hope there are better ways to clean silver nowadays. I know with my costume jewelry, I just dump them in a jar, rinse them in warm water, dry them off and Voila!!! Easy Peasy!!!!!

Well back in the day…the 60s, some costume jewelry was made with bakelite, thermoset plastic, acrylic, ect. Today’s blog showcases some of those extravagant pieces as well as some handcrafted jewelry for the 60s and 70s. (This is your permission slip!!! Please use these ads responsibly, with a link back to the Vintage North blog site, thank you).














I will update this blog posting periodically with new old advertisements I find in my magazines. These have all been discovered in Vogue!!! Thank you, See you next week!!! I will be blogging about Hats!!!

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