The Introduction

Owning something Vintage means owning a piece of history and creating a new history with it. Vintage items have been pre-owned and pre-loved, but when you make that purchase, whether it’s your first or one of many, it will be loved again!

I am blogging because I want to share information about Vintage and Designer vintage Jewelry, clothing, Ect. Also I am learning a great deal about vintage because I am a collector and also a Seller. My shop is

I took fashion design many moons ago during a time when Canadian designers were getting recognition in the big fashion cities, such as Paris, New York and Milan. Toronto was climbing to the top with the best named houses. It was the beginning of Fashion Cares, a huge party like fashion show to benefit AIDS research. Yes, that was in the early eighties. I attended one of the first few shows while I was in school and pattern making, knit making, Ect. Some of the names I remember back then were Wayne Clarke, Comrags, Lida Baday, Marylin Brooks and Alfred Sung to name a few.

My earliest recollections of Fashion were at the age of thirteen. I was in Trinidad and Tobago visiting my grandmother’s house in Port of Spain. My cousin and I used to look at magazines like Glamour and draw and copy the poses and fashions of the models on those colorful glossy pages. I took these little pictures on pink and orange paper home with me. That was the beginning of a love and hate affair with design. I loved the creative process, the concept, the design but I disliked the sewing. Sewing brought such aggravation and frustration.

And here I am writing about it in present day, with the wonderful technology of the Internet and Blogs. What goes around comes back around. I will write once a week about a different designer. There will be short biographies, Care information, label recognition information, ect. presented each week, usually on Sunday.

Next week Jan. 7 2012: Pierre Cardin.

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